Software · Abdó Roig-Maranges

Free software

This is a list of some interesting free software I use regularly.

arch linux
My preferred GNU/Linux distribution. Aims for simplicity of design and minimalism. Follows a rolling release model, with very recent software versions and great documentation. It has a very nice package manager for the official packages, coexisting with a ports-like system to compile from source, backed by a large community-driven repository.
A very configurable tiling window manager scriptable in lua! Once configured, it does exactly what you want, without getting in the way.
An ebook management software. A bit heavy on resources, but has lots of features, and a python plugin infrastructure! Very useful to organize a collection of academic papers, for example.
A distributed version control system. It does a wonderful job, not only for versioning software projects, but also for academic papers! Here is a fantastic reference.
A replacement for pdflatex scriptable in lua. It is part of texlive since 2010.
An emacs mode to keep personal notes in plain text files. It is extremely flexible, and can be used either for simple note taking, for keeping appointments and “to do” lists, or even for producing web content! Take a look.
A very ambitious software package for computational mathematics.
A community-driven configuration for the emacs text editor. Combines the flexibility of the emacs ecosystem, with a modal vim-like interface, with consistent and easily discoverable key bindings.

Software I wrote

You can find some pieces of software, latex styles, etc. on my github page.

A couple of plugins for calibre to extract metadata from pdf and djvu files. Scans the contents and extracts arxiv ID’s from pdfs.
Collection of plugins for calibre to download metadata from on-line sources: arxiv, mathscinet and zentralblatt.